River restoration near Edingale
Wet woodland, reprofiled river bank and gravel for the Mease


  • 220 tonnes of gravel for the Mease
  • Reprofiled river sections
  • 0.5km of river restoration


  • Habitat improvement
  • Farmer engagement
  • Nutrient reduction

About the Work

This Environment Agency-funded project aims to create a more varied habitat, creating cool and slow flowing water in the woodland adjacent to the watercourse. These provide refuge, while gravel beds and reprofiled bends create variations in flow and depth.

Reprofiled banks
Reprofiled river banks offer fish refuge in backwaters behind the vegetation in the more diverse flow patterns. They create extra capacity for sediment deposition inside meanders, which helps prevent too much deposition on the river bed.

Gravel reintroduction
Gravel introduces riffles that help oxygenate water to benefit fish species and invertebrates such as the white-clawed crayfish.

River Mease

This scheme was funded by the Environment Agency as part of the Mease River Restoration Project.